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Art Galleries and Gift Shops in Athens

art galleries in athens

Dimarhia Dekatria Boutique and Art Gallery

Apart from Greek, Ukrainian and Russian painters' works this art gallery offers unique handmade gifts and works of art. Among those are Bambas handbags, unique Artistic and Aesthetic creations, bearing the maker's seal, made from the beginning to the end, from genuine Italian leather and painted with a lot of love and care by artists. Each handbag is unique and distinct with characteristics that are attributed to authentic works of art.

In addition, you will find Kutahya porcelains. Kutahya is the oldest and most renowned manufacturer of tableware porcelain in the world. The designs are created with the use of pure gold and black contour by artists in patterns that date back to the period of the Topkapi Palace of the Ottoman sultans. This technique is used for the first time on porcelain antique objects.

Emeis Art and Technique Gallery

For the past 10 years EMEIS art gallery in Kolonaki has been synonymous to haute couture. Metal, clay, glass, paper are all materials transformed in the hands of artists. The gallery has been organized by Mrs Lisa Botasi-Delivani and it is the artist's permanent exhibition hall. You will, however find works of other artists and multicolored textiles, aesthetic ornaments, lighting fixtures, book-ends, ships, lucky charms and more.

Traintheatre Store

It has been acquired by the Railway-Carriage Theatre also called as “To Treno sto Rouf” and it is located at 5, Makrigianni street at the entrance of Acropolis metro station. This unique and innovative space operates not only as a Train Art Gallery, where one can find selected decorative as well as practical items, along with original jewellery of reputable artists inspired by the train concept, but also as a Box Office, issuing tickets for the Railway-Carriage Theatre “To Treno sto Rouf” performances.

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