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The antiquities of Athens

acropolis of athens

The Acropolis

This is the holy rock of Athens, the citadel and the sanctuary of the city in antiquity. The entrance fee is 12 euros and you can also visit the theatre of Dionysus, Keramikos, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the ancient Agora and the Roman Forum within a week with the same ticket.

The Southern Side of the Acropolis

acropolis - southern side

Here you will find the theatre of Dionysus, the most ancient theatre of Greece. It is open daily 08:00-17:30 and the entrance fee is 2 euros.



This was the cemetery of ancient Athens, an open-air gallery today. It is open daily 08:00-15:00 and the entrance fee is 2 euros.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus

The Temple of Olympian Zeus

An impressive temple dedicated to Zeus, the father of the gods. This is the biggest ancient temples. It is open daily 08:00-17:30 and the entrance fee is 2 euros.

Ancient Agora

Agora in athens

This is one of the most interesting archaeological sites located to the north of the Acropolis. This was the political, financial and religious centre of ancient Athens. It is open daily 08:00-17:30 and the entrance fee is 4 euros. If you visit it on Sunday the entrance is free.

Areios Pagos


This was the court of ancient Athens and the place where the gospel was firstly preached in Athens by Apostle Paul. The entrance is free.

Philopappos Hill

the hill of philopappos

You will find it right opposite to the Acropolis from where it offers stunning views. This is a grave monument of Philopappos who was a benefactor of Athens. It stands on the top of the hill.

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