museum of touch

Museum of Touch

The Museum of Touch was founded in 1984 by Faros, the Greek association for the blind. Its aim is to facilitate the access of the blind and partially sighted to the artistic treasures of Greece’s cultural heritage. It is housed in a fine building from the fifties designed by the architect Kogevinas and donated by the Embeirikos family of ship-owners, and is one of the few museums of its kind in the world. In 1988, it received a commendation in the European museum of the year award, in competition with 70 other European museums of all kinds. This made the museum more widely known, with the result that it attracts visitors from many countries.

Due to the fact that visitors are encouraged to touch the exhibits, the museum is also ideal for children, who often feel a greater need than adults to handle archaeological finds.

198, Doiranis street, Kallithea, Athens
Tel no. 210 9415222