Our suggestions for your stay in Athens

1. Athens is a city full of hidden treasures. If you consider yourselve an adventurous type then here are a few tips to help you in your Athens treasure hunting!

2. Climb up the Acropolis. We know that it gives you a hard time, by the time you hear the word climb. But stop complaining, we too sometimes forget about how beautiful these rocks are. By the time you reach the top, your efforts will be rewarded. It’s not that difficult afterall.. And hey, it's like going to New York and not visitin the Statue of Liberty, or not going up the 86th floor of the Empire State Building!

3. Stroll around Plaka eating a souvlaki. This pita with meat, tomato and tzatziki contains all the protein, carbs and starch you need (you’ll soon discover the true meaning of the greek proverb used in argot for food: "the greasier, the tastier"). Shop around, and remember to bargain those leather Troy-looking sandals...

4. Stare at or even fall in love with one of the statue-like guards in Syntagma Square. They are good-looking soldiers, but still don't try to tickle them because he will make a slight (almost invisible) gesture with his finger to the soldier nearby and he will take care of you!

5. You certainly have heard about Greek's temperament for having a great time. It's about time to live like a Greek too! Take the tram and go clubbing to one of the super summer venues on the beach. An ideal way of clubbing: It's Amsterdam without decadence, Ibiza without pissing in the streets, Miami without the face check. Then, when the sun is up, dive into the sea. Remember to bring a bathing suit!

6. Try to show your romantic face to your loved ones and brive up with them at Lycabettus Hill.

7. Go window-shopping in Kolonaki, the Manhattan of Athens. Have an espresso and watch the passers go by, gossip as loud as you can. Everybody else does, too!

8. Celebrate the full moon of August the Greek way: attend a concert at one of Athens' archeological sites. It's the one and only day of the year they stay open all through the night.

9. Visit the Planetarium! It is now the one of the best equipped digital planetariums in the world!

10. Here is a tip for men only: Visit a traditional barber shop for a good shave (but do not go as far as to have a haircut).

11. Don't worry girls; there is one tip for women only: Have your coffee cup being "read" by a fortune teller. It is so wonderfully hilarious & nostalgic at the same time...

12. Follow the ouzo ritual in a small ouzeri of Pireaus. Then maybe you get drunk and catch the boat to the islands of ArgoSaronic Gulf (Aegina, Poros etc).

13. Relax in the Greek way. Lay back, drink your frappe, play some backgammon, gossip, and practice "kamaki"... (That is the Greek argot word for flirting continuously with people around you!)

14. Always socialize with greek people and ask them whatever you would like to know!! They are hospitable and friendly, sometimes not very polite but they will certainly help you!!